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The Course Structure
The Course Structure

Lesson Overview


You will learn everything you need to know as a Beginner Thai speaker in 7 days. You will be able to speak the most common Thai sentences and understood the 5 tones.

Within this course, you will not need to read and write Thai. The reason for this is to get you speaking as fast as possible and start using Thai in your daily conversation while walking around Thailand. If you started learning how to read Thai it would take you more than 2 weeks to start reading - this is 2 weeks and not speaking Thai! This is the reason why on StartThai we suggest starting with this course before moving on to the next.

However, we understand that people learn differently. So within StartThai, we give you the option.

This option skips reading altogether, instead, it focuses on listening and repeating what the Thai speaker has said. This can be very useful for a person who is travelling to Thailand for a holiday as it doesn’t require months of your time to learn how to read.

So now all you need to do is follow on with this course and try to complete Day 1 in 1 day and Day 2 on the next day and so on... Within 1 week you will have grasped Thai and have not wasted any time.

Note: Throughout the course, I will put in my transliterations of each Thai word in addition to the audio just to help as much as possible. If you want to be able to read Thai I suggest taking Thai Made Simple - Read Thai course here once you have complete this course.

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