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Welcome to the Course!

Lesson Overview


The HARDEST part of learning Thai is finding which information is correct or not. I remember living in Thailand trying to learn Thai while teaching Maths in Bangkok. I would read a few pages of a Thai Language book and repeat the words I had learnt out loud.

My wife who is Thai would laugh sometimes. I’m pretty sure looking back I used a different tone, pronounced it incorrectly, and said something SILLY. For example, when pronouncing the following: maa มา (to come) and māa หมา (dog).

I made this course to STOP all this confusion and also prove that Thai is NOT a difficult language to learn. Thai is a beautiful language and understanding it allows you to go DEEP within the culture of Thailand. It is actually pretty simple when you are taught correctly.

This course makes speaking and listening Thai as QUICK and easy as possible. It is designed for people who want to learn the basics of the language QUICKLY.

Enjoy your time learning Thai and I wish you all the best in succeeding within this course!

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What's next...

The Course Structure

  • We wil discuss the layout of the course.