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Which Thai Language Should You Learn?

Lesson Overview


This chapter has a VERY important question to ask yourself before starting to learn Thai.

Which Thai language should I learn? What do I mean by that?

Essentially there are many dialects in Thailand depending on the geographical location. Dialect in this meaning means that a small percentage of the government language (Central Thailand) is changed to another form or word. When people who live in Bangkok watch a tv show based in Isaan (East Thailand) they put sub-titles on for Thai people outside of Isaan to understand. The major regions in Thailand with dialects are:

  • North Thailand – the people here speak ‘pāa-sāa něua’ ภาษาเหนือ (lit. language north).
  • South Thailand – the people here speak ‘pāa-sāa dâai’ ภาษาใต้ (lit. language south).
  • East Thailand – the people here speak ‘ii-sāan’ ภาษาอีสาน (Isaan).
  • Central Thailand – the people here speak ‘pāa-sāa glaang’ ภาษากลาง (lit. language central).

There are sub-dialects within these and other tribes which have their own languages but for now the question still is Which Thai language/dialect should I learn?

I suggest you speak the Central Thai Language whereby this course is centered around as the majority of Thai people in Thailand speak and/or understand this dialect. Once you can speak the countries official language, I suggest you include the certain dialect you will predominately reside in.

Thailand Map

Thailand Map - Dialects

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