Meet The Founder

From Lancashire, UK. I am the founder of Start Thai which started in 2021.
  • Career: Senior Well Engineer within the Energy Industry.
  • Life: Family with two children.
  • Interests: Family, Exercise, Anime
  • Languages: Thai (Fluent), Japanese (Beginner)
  Mission: To make learning Thai as simple as possible.

Why did you make Start Thai?

After going through the strenuous path of learning Thai I realised that most of the information online and within books actually teaches Thai wrong. 80% of the material is not even said in conversation as well. Since Thai has several levels of speech depending on who you are speaking to there are even more words and sentences that the beginner Thai learner doesn't even need to know.

Text books and online courses teach you to read and write Thai before actually learning how to speak! This is where Start Thai comes in. What if there was a website where you could easily listen to Thai and learn how to speak without first being taught wrong (i.e. tones and grammar) and second removes all the complexity of the language (i.e. words and sentences that are never used) to make learning Thai as simple of possible.

And we have Start Thai...