What is Start Thai?

Start Thai was created to make learning the Thai language as easy as possible. For some reason learning Thai has been the ultimate challenge for every tourist who happens to travel to Thailand and want to learn more about the country and culture. The mission is to deliver a platform that helps people learn Thai quickly and simply.

What does Start Thai consist of?

Start Thai consists of the following:
  • Courses: Our courses allow the learner to truly understand the Thai language. By following our step by step programme, you are taught which Thai to use and when, negating everything that is in the text book and online but actually never said in real Thai conversation.
  • Lessons: The lessons on Start Thai are free! and are given to the reader as a foundation to understand the history of Thailand and other social and cultural aspects of the Thai language that will prove to be very useful.
  • Articles: There are many questions for while learning Thai and hopefully you can find the answers here.
  • Podcast: The podcasts on Start Thai help the listener to learn Thai in a different way.